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Help After a Suicide Death

The following websites are designed for specific groups of people within the after-suicide-bereavement community.


     For survivors: A number of items are available for people bereaved by suicide; the following cover all aspects of the grief process.

Caregiver Resources

Basic principles:

    Grief After Suicide, edited by John R. Jordan and John L. McIntosh,

         book:, book review,

    Suicide Bereavement Resource Library (SAVE), searchable database,

          free to use:

    Survivor Voices: Sharing the Story of Suicide Loss

          (Connect, NAMI–New Hampshire),training:

Immediately after a death:

 After a Suicide: Recommendations for Religious Services and Other Public
Memorial Observances (SPRC)
, booklet, free download: ​LOSS TeamPostvention Workshops & Training (Campbell & Associates),
instruction in the Active Postvention Model of survivor outreach:
Help at Hand: Supporting Survivors of Suicide Loss: A Guide for Funeral Directors
booklet, free download:
For suicide bereavement support groups:How to Start a Survivors’ Group (World Health Organization),
free download:
Towards Good Practice: Standards and Guidelines for Suicide Bereavement Support
Groups (Lifeline Australia), free downloads:, Practice Handbook
based on the standards:
Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group Facilitators Training (AFSP), versions on
facilitating adult and youth groups, as well as a self-study manual:

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