Offering Help After a Suicide Death

Friends For Survival, Inc.

P.O. Box 214463, Sacramento, CA 95821

  • A monthly newsletter of sharing and information about grief after suicide
  • Monthly meetings of grief support and education
  • Information and referral regarding local resources
  • Comprehensive list of printed resources and lending library
  • Suicide Loss Helpline with volunteers who have shared the tragedy of suicide
  • Chapter development and training when local resources are absent
  • Program for educating the community on suicide awareness
  • Consultation available to workplace and agencies impacted by a suicide death
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Community-based chapters
  • Training of volunteers
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are available nation-wide. Please contact us for an introductory packet and current newsletter.  Our monthly newsletters provide support and encouragement in the privacy of your home, wherever you live. Only partial excerpts from past newsletters are available under the heading “newsletters”. 

What Does Friends for Survival Offer?