Offering Help After a Suicide Death


Healing after the Suicide of a Loved One by Ann Smolin CSW and John Guinan, Ph.D.
A very informative book that provides suicide survivors with insights into the emotional responses they may be experiencing. The authors are direct and honest as they offer support, hope and permission to go on with life.

After Suicide by John H. Hewett
This constructive guide offers much-needed information and clinically-tested advice for those struggling to cope in the aftermath of a suicide. Written in clear language, this book presents the facts and demonstrates how to deal with feelings of guilt, anger, bewilderment, and shame. Also included is an anniversary memorial service that enables family members to recommit themselves to life.

Dying to Be Free, A Healing Guide for Families after a Suicide by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch
With extraordinary courage and compassion, the authors break through dangerous silence, complicated emotions and brutal stigma to offer this gentle, healing guide for family members who have lost a loved one to suicide.

A Long-Shadowed Grief: Suicide and Its Aftermath by Harold Ivan Smith
The author guides us on a spiritual exploration of suicide, probing shadows, secrets and silences, and brings us into a helpful light.

Touched by Suicide: Hope and Healing after Lossby Michael F. Myers and Carla Fine
In this definitive guidebook, the authors combine their perspectives as a physician and a survivor to offer compassionate and practical advice to anyone affected by suicide.

Surviving Bill, by Mike Reynolds
As a survivor of his brother’s suicide, the author knows the pain and confusion attached to loss and the immeasurable ways it changed his life.  Going beyond the typical narratives on the five stages of grief, on religion or on counseling, this book shares those “ordinary” moments in his life that moved his healing forward, be they relationships, synchronistic moments or even his love of surfing.

Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling, by Michelle Linn-Gust, M.S., 
Regardless of age, sibling suicide survivors, the forgotten mourners, will find identity, comfort and encouragement in this poignant recount of the author’s grief journey following her sister’s suicide.

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