Offering Help After a Suicide Death

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But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: For Parents and Professionals Helping Child Suicide Survivors, by Barbara Rubel,
published by Griefwork Center, Inc., P.O. Box 5104, Kendall Park, NJ 08824 (2000).
  This book offers a practical approach to working with children grieving a death by suicide. Nine chapters include most frequently asked questions, activities, worksheets with helpful discussions and a list of national resources.

After a Suicide Death: An Activity Book for Grieving Kids,  go to Books

  When Families Grieve( Sesame Street), Video and book covers grief for any cause of death including suicide, focuses on helping children and families, includes a version for military families.  (free download)

Child Survivors of Suicide: A Guidebook for Those Who Care for Them, by Rebecca Parkin with Karen Dunne-Maxim,

published by NJ Chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (1996)
  This guidebook takes the reader through the first year of questions that a child might ask. The format asks the questions, gives answers and the reasons for the answers. Extremely honest, sensitive, practical and empowering.

After a Parent’s Suicide: Helping Children Heal, by Margo Requarth,

published by Healing Hearts Press, Sebastopol, CA (2006).
  This is a “how-to” guide for parent survivors: how to manage both the immediate and long-term implications of suicide, how to talk to

your children, how to see them through the heart-rending anguish to a place of acceptance, healing and, finally, a renewed and

deepened capacity for joy.

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