Steve Fugate's Story

Offering Help After a Suicide Death

Friends For Survival, Inc.

P.O. Box 214463, Sacramento, CA 95821
916-392-0664    or     800-646-7322

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In 1999 Stevie Lee Fugate took his own life. His death was unexpected and devastating to his family.  In 2005 Steve also lost his only daughter to an accidental drug overdose. Rather than give in to despair, Steve Fugate chose to channel his grief into action.

Over the past years Steve Fugate Sr. has walked almost 35,000 miles, and did it all with a sign over his head saying, simply, "Love Life." His mission is to teach his love for life to every person he meets, so that no other parent will lose a child to suicide.  He has visited ‘Friends for Survival’ in Sacramento on two different walks.

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Steve Fugate's current 'Love Live Walk'

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